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Brazilian smoothing: All the answers to your questions

Brazilian Smoothing: All the answers to your questions.

Which smoothing to choose for fine hair?

So what straightening to choose to have beautiful hair? There is no doubt that the tannin smoothing is the most effective option for fine hair. THE Organic straightening is extremely different from Brazilian straightening , which coats the hair with cosmetics, while tannin straightening integrates the inner structure of the hair.

Does Brazilian straightening damage the hair?

Brazilian smoothing can last up to 6 months depending on the product used, it is not long term like other smoothings. You will certainly regain the natural look of your hair gradually. Brazilian smoothing does not damage the hair, more than a therapy, it is a therapy and a treatment to hydrate and beautify your hair.

What is the point of doing a Brazilian straightening?

This treatment aims to stratify the hair to make it extra soft and flexible. Say goodbye to frizz or untamed hair! Brazilian straightening also makes hair shinier and healthier. They regain all their vigor!

What is the price of Brazilian straightening?

What is the price of a Brazilian smoothing at the hairdresser? From 140 EUR (medium-length hair) to 300 EUR (very long hair). This is the ordinary rate in the arrondissements as well as in Paris for a severe service. The cost depends on the time spent: the thicker the hair, the longer the time.

How is Brazilian smoothing done?

The Brazilian alignment correction includes the infusion of keratin into the hair. Originally from Brazil, as its name suggests, this technique uses keratin taken from lamb's wool and then transformed into keratin nanoparticles.

Which smoothing damaged the hair the least?

The smoothing that does not damage the hair is undoubtedly the Brazilian smoothing which is a smoothing treatment suitable for all hair types.

Which smoothing for damaged hair?

Botox straightening is suitable for all hair types, but it is particularly recommended for difficult, damaged, dull, dry, thick or frizzy hair.

How is the hair after Brazilian straightening?

The results are immediately visible: shinier, silkier and also much more malleable, your hair regains all its shine! And that's not all, since this all-natural therapy has various other merits. Unlike traditional straighteners, Brazilian straightening softens the hair without transforming its natural appearance.

Is Brazilian smoothing permanent?

Permanent straightening, which is closest to what we call Brazilian straightening , is a long-lasting straightening strategy, a kind of smooth perm if you will, but it allows your hair to retain its versatility as well as activity. natural.

What age for a Brazilian straightening?

From 12 years old

At what age can a child undergo Brazilian straightening ? We generally recommend the age of 12 to start, because this is when young people start to pay attention to their physical appearance.

What is the best hair straightener?

Which permanent hair straightening method should I choose? Brazilian smoothing , perhaps the best understood of all, involves relaxing the hair fiber using keratin for a completely natural look. Japanese straightening is a method that lasts 3 to 6 months so that the hair is straight as a stick.

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What is the price of a permanent smoothing?

Regarding the price, the expense can be quite high knowing that a treatment costs just over 50 euros for short hair and can go up to 400 euros.

How to do a Brazilian smoothing at home?

Take some Brazilian keratin, use it on a first section. Massage it in, then use a comb to glide it through your hair, from the inside out. The roots and also the ends must be saturated so that the smoothing result is total.

Why does Brazilian smoothing not hold?

The Brazilian roster turnaround just didn't work for you? This can be explained by the fact that your hair had never benefited from this type of change. Undoubtedly, the ranges are not open enough, the products have had difficulty penetrating into the hair as well as having an impact.

When to wash your hair after Brazilian straightening?

Wait at least 3 days after alignment to wash your hair. Use a shampoo and treatment specially designed to maintain your smoothness. These products are sulfate and sodium free and are enriched with keratin.

What is the least aggressive smoothing?

If you intend to opt for a long-lasting straightening that ensures a smooth result without damaging your hair too much, Korean straightening is for you. Much less hostile than alignment or Japanese straightening, it allows you to obtain a natural result without losing your hair or weakening it.

Which smoothing lasts the longest?

Brazilian smoothing lasts between 3 and 5 months. The product is gradually eliminated, the less the hair is sensitized and stained and the longer the straightening lasts. There is no root effect as a result of hair development.

What is the difference between tannin and Brazilian smoothing?

To compare on a scientific level, the Brazilian alignment brings new keratin proteins to the hair. While tannin smoothing develops a new protein chain. Brazilian straightening prevails all over the world, but in some cases, some products used are dangerous.

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What is the difference between keratin straightening and Brazilian straightening?

One of the notable distinctions between Brazilian straightening and keratin treatment is the duration of the treatment. While the previous one takes one to two hours depending on the size of the hair, the keratin treatment can quickly last over 3 hours.

Does Japanese straightening damage hair?

This smoothing is natural as well as does not damage the hair. Admittedly, it is a keratin and chocolate treatment that does not modify the internal structure of the hair but which will certainly border and coat the hair fibers .

Does the Brazilian smoothing resist the rain?

If your hair tends to curl, especially when the weather is unpredictable and the rain is present, Brazilian straightening eliminates it up to 95%.

Why not tie up your hair after a Brazilian straightening?

During this period, it is essential to avoid humidity, clean your hair, tie it up or place bobby pins or any other device that could distort the straightening.

Does Brazilian straightening lighten the hair?

It is recognized that the Brazilian smoothing tends to lighten the coloring. This is specifically the case for abnormal hair. The therapy usually lightens the hair by 2 shades.

How to have a permanent straightening?

Permanent misalignment correction - a real surgical hair treatment

An irreversible straightening session lasts approximately 5 hours and can also be performed in a salon or at home. The first step is correction; we start with a very first shampoo for the hair, followed by the application of the smoothing product by small strands.

How to have permanent straight hair?

One of the most often practiced in the salon are Japanese and Brazilian hair straightening. Both of these processes involve using a strong chemical as well as heating it to activate the formula. The application lasts between 2 and 3 hours. In institute, the stylist must wash your hair, apply the products hair by hair.

What age to straighten your hair?

It is recommended not to align your hair before the age of 11 to 12 years, because the hair does not always have its last personality and subjecting it to an alignment correction can prevent its evolution.

What age for Straightening?

The alignment of frizzy or curly hair is above all a practical way to help with the maintenance as well as the design of the hair. Even if the young person firmly insists, and even if the attraction is often formidable, the option of hair alignment for young people is nevertheless not recommended before 12 years of age, at puberty.

What length of hair to do a Brazilian straightening?

Brazilian smoothing is a strategy that is not very restrictive. Undoubtedly, the only requirement is to have hair at least five centimeters long. Without it, your hair is also short to be straightened and you run the risk of damaging your scalp.

What is the most natural straightening?

An extremely interesting choice, halfway between Japanese straightening and Brazilian straightening , is Korean straightening (keratin), much softer, less chemically strong for the hair, offering a smooth element to your hair and a more natural result.

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What straightening for straight hair?

Brazilian straightening.

This is one of the most important and also the most widespread! Brazilian straightening corrects alignment by smoothing (yes) but without giving your hair a baguette look. On the other hand, they will certainly be silky, shiny and also very easy to style.

What are the different types of smoothing?

The so-called "mechanical" smoothing.

- The iron. ...

- Kardoune. ...

- The Mexican veneer, Patcha or Wrap. ...

- XXL curlers. ...

- Irons and also straightening plates or hair straighteners. ...

- The Brazilian straightening . ...

- Japanese straightening . ...

- Korean straightening.

How to do a home smoothing?

- Mix the coconut milk and also the lemon juice and mix well. - Place the mixture in the fridge overnight. - In the early morning, use the mixture on your hair from the roots all the way through. - Leave it on for about 30 minutes.Jul 26, 2019

What is the best Brazilian smoothing kit?

Kativa - The Very Best Brazilian Correcting Bundle Alignment with Keratin.

This package therefore allows you to have all the elements accessible immediately, suitable for novices. The only downside is the small amount of the treatment (150ml), which would be best for Brazilian straightening on short or long hair.

Why doesn't my hair hold when I straighten it?

It goes without saying that water, rain or humidity are the adversaries of a correction of the alignment of these durations, so we avoid any type of water resource. After alignment, use a flat brush, preferably boar bristle, on which enough hairspray is sprayed.

Do the curls come back after a Brazilian straightening?

As you have normally curly hair, after a Brazilian straightening correcting the alignment of if you let your hair air dry you will certainly see a drop in volume and also your curls will certainly be very undone, with a little blow dry -dry your hair will definitely be smooth.

How to properly maintain your Brazilian straightening?

You must wash your hair meticulously and then detangle it with a large comb. If you are doing a Brazilian smoothing , your hair can only be cleaned 3 days after the smoothing has been carried out. This is the time needed for the keratin to fuse with the hair fiber.

What Conditioner after Brazilian straightening?

After a Brazilian straightening , the hair shampoo that is suggested to be used is the Keratin Enhanced Hair Shampoo! ... Thanks to a keratin shampoo, it is then possible to delay this phenomenon by continuing to provide the hair with the keratin necessary to keep it smooth and soft!

Which product not to use after a Brazilian smoothing?

Keratin as an extension of straightening .

To maintain your smooth hair, use a conditioner or mask rich in keratin protein once a week, such as those from Jean Louis David's Keratin Therapy treatment line.

What shampoo after a Brazilian straightening?

In the months following your keratin treatment, you should be sure to choose a sodium- and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. To maintain Brazilian straightening for as long as possible, it is suggested to acquire a hair shampoo specially designed for keratin treatments.

What is the difference between Brazilian and Japanese straightening?

When it comes to duration, Brazilian straightening corrects hair alignment for 3 to 4 months while the Japanese alignment option keeps its impacts permanently, so you will definitely have to keep your roots all the time. 4 to 6 months.

Is tannin smoothing smooth?

Tannin smoothing , also called "taninoplasty", makes it possible to obtain smooth and solid hair and to stratify the hair fiber. It also ensures a much better durability of the hair.

Why does my hair swell when I straighten it?

The beaches that are supposed to form a safety obstacle on the hair shaft rise and allow the fiber to absorb ambient humidity. Consequently, the size of the hair increases and so does the volume of your hairstyle.

What is the best tannin smoothing brand?

The Salvatore brand allows professionals and individuals to have a tannin corrector product without formaldehyde, which ensures a lasting result.

How to make your straightening hold with humidity?

When our lengths are wrung out but still damp, we apply a thermo-protective treatment that will protect the hair fiber from the heat and create a protective barrier around the hair, thus allowing the alignment correction to last longer. Then it's time to dry off.

How to have smooth hair when it rains?

Use a hair shampoo to nourish each hair, tame frizz and also give you smooth, shiny hair. You can also use a keratin conditioner and make your hair much more manageable or a Brazilian keratin-rich straightener like VG-LISS by Marc Grays.

Why does Brazilian smoothing not hold?

The Brazilian line-up just didn't serve you? It can be described by the fact that your hair has never had this kind of change. Undoubtedly, the beaches are not open enough, the elements have struggled to pass through the hair and therefore have an effect.

When to wash your hair after Brazilian straightening?

Wait at least 3 days after the correction to wash your hair. Use a specially created shampoo and treatment to preserve your smoothness. These articles are free of sulphates and also of salt and enriched with keratin.

Can we do a Brazilian smoothing after a color?

Brazilian smoothing : before or after coloring? Brazilian straightening is one of the therapies with the fewest limitations. Indeed, if you currently have colored hair, you will have no trouble continuing straight to a Brazilian smoothing .

What is the best hair straightener?

Which irreversible hair straightening technique should I choose? Brazilian straightening , perhaps the best understood of all, involves pushing back the hair fiber with keratin for natural shedding. Japanese straightening is an approach that lasts 3 to 6 months to make the hair stand straight up like chopsticks.

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