Botox Capillaire : Découvrez toutes les réponses à vos questions sur ce traitement capillaire innovant

Hair Botox: All the answers to your questions.

Hair Botox: the answers to your questions.

Is botox good for hair?

Hair Botox is undoubtedly a treatment that helps maintain the well-being of the hair as well as preventing the aging and fragility of the hair fiber.

What is the best hair botox on the market?

The SOS Botox Collagen from Elyssa cosmetics is one of the best Botox capillare on the market. Many customers are satisfied with it.

When to do hair botox?

Hair botox can be done when the fiber needs a little increase. This therapy is also excellent to do once or twice a year, especially at the start of the school year, after the summer holidays. The sun's rays attack the hair fiber and dehydrate it.

Does botox make hair grow?

Elyssa cosmetics SOS botox Collagen is a luxury hair therapy that successfully removes damage caused manually or mechanically. This therapy is undoubtedly one of the most effective on the market and cannot be compared to any other! It also helps to develop hair, reduce hair loss and make it more resistant.

What is the best hair care?

The Sos Botox Intense Hydration Mask or Strong Effect Modeling . This hair mask was created by Elyssa cosmetics to bring shine, body and softness to hair lacking moisture.

How to do a botox treatment at home?

You simply have to follow the instructions given in the SOS Botox instructions for use.

How to apply hair botox?

SOS Botox is applied to dry hair . As for a colouring, we suggest that you use a brush to apply it strand by strand from the start. You will then certainly use your hands to apply the rest of the treatment on the lengths with a gentle and constant massage.

Does the botox treatment smooth the hair?

The SOS botox treatment is not only used for its smoothing effect . Indeed, it is above all an ally of choice to hydrate and repair the hair fiber in depth.

Why do a botox treatment?

Hair botox can dramatically improve the appearance and health of your hair. The therapy will give your natural hair a boost. It will surely make your hair soft, smooth, shiny and frizz-free. In addition, the treatment moisturizes the hair protecting against split ends while promoting hair growth.

What is the best brand of hair products?

Elyssa cosmetics has become one of the leading brands of hair cosmetics. Indeed, its hair treatment products have entered hairdressing salons. It must be said that the performance of the products used has played a major role in the reputation of the brand.

What is the best product to moisturize hair?

The most beneficial pure vegetable oils for completely dry hair are coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, pleasant almond oil, argan oil and olive oil. of lawyer. Castor oil is also particularly recommended, as it improves hair development.

How to revive dead hair?

The repairing and nourishing capillary Botox , remains the star component of damaged hair, it is a very moisturizing and nourishing mask. So that your hair regains all its vitality.

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Does tannin straightening damage the hair?

Smoothing with tannin can therefore make the hair drier but does not really damage it. The curls are loosened and the result is beautiful and natural.

Why make a clarifying shampoo?

A clarifying shampoo frees your hair from many deposits as well as excess elements that accumulate and smother the fiber. Masks, conditioners, lacquers, waxes and styling gels are all products that, after a while, clog up the ramifications of the hair.

What is botox smoothing?

Botox straightening is a treatment that will deeply repair your hair and plump it up thanks to keratin and hyaluronic acid.

What is the best brand of shampoo?

Elyss cosmetics modeling strong Effect is a sulphate-free shampoo that gives good results.

What product to buy for hair growth?

There are 8 known products to use to accelerate hair growth.

- 1 ° Coconut cream.

- 2° Avocado oil.

- 3° Mustard oil.

- 4° Brewer's yeast.

- 5° Garlic oil.

- 6° Aloe Vera gel.

- 7° Stinging nettle.

- 8 ° Castor oil.

What water to hydrate the hair?

Hydrolat or floral water.

Hydrolats or floral waters are waters containing active plant particles. The hydrolat provides targeted and natural moisturizing care. The hydrosol is used as a spray on the hair. It is necessary to moisten them without overwetting them.

How to know if the hair is dead?

If the bulb is full and no matter comes out of it, it means that the fall is near, because the hair is lacking in keratin and therefore dead. Specific signs indicate hair loss when it persists for more than 3 months: the hair is dull, soft, greasy.

How to recover burnt hair?

Burnt hair can be treated, but cannot be repaired. Nourish cuts as well as finishes with shampoos and also dry hair treatments to deliver maximum hydration. Also consider keratin-based treatments that penetrate the heart of the hair fiber to regenerate it.

What is the smoothing that damages the hair the least?

The smoothing that does not damage the hair is most certainly the Brazilian smoothing which is an ideal smoothing treatment for all hair types.

Does clarifying shampoo damage hair?

Clarifying shampoo tends to damage completely dry hair more. What you need to do if you have this type of hair is to limit how often you use this type of shampoo. Preferably, you should not use the clarifying shampoo more than twice a year.

How to use clarifying shampoo?

Apply a small amount of product to damp hair and massage into scalp as you would with normal shampoo. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse completely with clear water.

What is the best finished hair straightening?

Botox smoothing is suitable for all hair types, but is specifically recommended for fine, damaged, dull, dry, thick or frizzy hair.

How to get a perfect straightening?

To obtain an excellent result without the risk of damaging your hair. It definitely takes a good product. Then, the method is to take your time. Indeed, a single pass of the plates per lock is enough, but they must be moved very gradually from the root to the tip as well as on the thinner locks.

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