Lissage Malaisien  Step1 1L
Lissage Malaisien  Step1 1L
Lissage Malaisien  Step1 1L indredients
Lissage Malaisien  Step1 1L
Lissage Malaisien  Step1 1L
Lissage Malaisien  Step1 1L indredients
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Malaysian Smoothing Step1 1L

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Malaysian Smoothing Step1 1L

Hair Straightening and Hair Care-Malaysian Straightening.

It combines care, relaxation, sheathing and shine of the hair with a unique silk touch. 
A true revolution in Smoothing and Hair Care, this new treatment offers a unique alternative to all those who wish to have straight hair with a Natural Smoothing effect and incomparable extra shine while maintaining a natural lightness without any flat or stiff baguette effect.

Using a cutting-edge, professional technology straightener, Keratin Nano-molecules and other components like Hyaluronic Acid penetrate the smallest cracks in your hair, healing and smoothing even the most damaged and damaged hair. indomitable by making them more beautiful, silkier and stronger.

Preparation :

[01] Apply the Preparatory Shampoo
massage, leave to rest, repeat if necessary.

[02] Using a dryer, dry to 80%.

[03] Divide the hair into 6 equal sections.

Application - Drying:

[04] Apply the Hair Reconstructor section by section.

[05] Leave the keratin on for 30 minutes, dry to lukewarm.


[06] Divide the hair into 6 sections, take a fine strand and smooth starting with the roots, 10 times at 200ºC or 6 times at 230ºC.


[07] Rinse the hair. Apply Instant Mask Magic and massage the hair, leave for 5 minutes.

Rinse again.

[08] Dry the hair. Style with a brush or straightener.

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