Cocoa Brasilis Edition Premium Step2-1L
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Cocoa Brasil Premium Edition Step2-1L

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Elyssa Cosmétiques has developed Brazilian Keratin smoothing WITHOUT Formaldehyde or derivatives.

Based on hyaluronic acid and cocoa, Cocoa Brasilis Premium smoothing is ideal for resistant hair, and a more radical effect.

It will treat the hair in depth, bring flexibility and extreme shine.

No more frizz and hair that swells on contact with humidity!

For who ?

Cocoa Brasilis Premium smoothing is suitable for resistant, normal, thick, wavy, curly, curly, frizzy, afro, highlighted, bleached, natural hair...

Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. And children under 12 years old.

Compatible with all other techniques or products.

Result ?

A strand of hair :

- intensely nourishes and repairs

- smoothed up to 100%

- shiny and supple

Manual ?

Make sure you always do a test before any treatment

Step 1
- The treatment is done on clean hair
- Wring out the hair with a towel then dry it with the hair dryer at 80%

- Do not brush or untangle the hair so as not to close the cuticles
- Divide the hair into 4 parts to prepare them to receive the treatment

2nd step
- Shake the bottle (Step 2) and pour the product into the bowl
- Apply the treatment 1cm from the scalp on not too thick locks, starting with the nape of the neck
- Comb through for a good distribution of the product
- Leave the product to act between 15 minutes and 30 minutes depending on the degree of curliness
- The smoothing Cocoa Brasilis Premium is very concentrated, put maximum 50ml for an application

Step 3
- Dry the hair 100% with a hair dryer at lukewarm temperature, do not brush. During this step, the brush should only be used to discipline the hair without actually smoothing it or giving it shape. Smoothing will be done later
- Divide the hair into 4 sections
- To seal the product in the hair, pass the straightener several times over fine strands (see table temperatures and passages)
- Do not rinse the product for 48 to 72 hours by ironing the straightener every day in order to optimize the result of your Brazilian straightening.
The Cocoa Brasilis Premium can be washed instantly if you wish, do not hesitate to work the hair longer
- For an optimal hold of your Brazilian smoothing, it is advisable to use the care products from the Cocoa Brasilis Home Care range.

Cocoa Brasilis Premium is a very concentrated keratin treatment, you need to use little product. Don't overdose!

Hair straightener temperature according to each hair:

Natural, normal, thick, curly, frizzy hair: 230 degrees

Natural, colored, fine hair: 210 degrees

Bleached and damaged hair: 180 degrees

Number of passages of the straightener:

Curly roots: 10 to 20 passages

Curly roots: 10 to 15 passes

Curly lengths: 10 to 15 passes

Curly lengths: 10 to 15 passes

How long does straightening take?

Cocoa Brasilis straightening lasts around 5 to 6 months, up to 1 year on some hair

What does the kit contain?

  • 1 L of keratin, STEP 2

(Cocoa Brasilis Premium straightening does not require a clarifying shampoo)

It is possible to do about 15 smoothings


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